Breaking the Fear Cycle

Breaking the Fear Cycle

I believe that in every challenge, we grow stronger because of it. When we push through the challenge, either the challenge is in the form of doing something we have not done before, or meeting someone unfamiliar, when we go through it, we become stronger.

I look back at the past decade and realise that I have done things that most of my peers have not done before, taken risk and made decisions that my peers do not know of. And because of it, I become stronger. I learnt a lot through these ups and downs and mistakes that I have made.

Met up with a couple of “investors” last evening over dinner and sorted out the repayment plan to them. The funny thing was, I had foreseen there was something out of balance in the contract when we first signed it almost 2 years ago. It was shaped as not an investment but a guaranteed loan. Which is why the quotes mark.

We should have shaped it like a condo investment advertisement – “All investment carries risk. You may lose part and all of your investment amount”.

All investments should be shaped that way because if the boat is already sinking, how can you still get the return value that you are looking for?

But then, since it was already worded that way, so be it. We will need to work at it and honour the dividend and repayments.

I guess this is one of the lessons that I have learnt throughout these few years of doing this business. But I guess we have moved on from it.

Do I have any regrets? The commonly accepted answer would be no. But personally I feel yes, I do have regrets. There are some things I wished I could have done differently. The people whom we have trusted. The clients whom, despite alarm bells ringing, we still took it. Its all too easy to say all these in hindsight. Its all a blur when you are in the heat of the battle.

It was a pretty good 2 over hours meeting yesterday evening and I think I did pretty well. Previously I think I would have been worried sick about the meeting, but I guess throughout all the events that have happened made me stronger to face it. I guess this is my journey to Fear Less.

Incidentally, I read a quote on Insta today – “Running uphill is a total bitch. But as you keep running up the same hill every day, it gets easier. The hill didn’t change but you did and so did your experience. Whether its hard or easy, its all up to you.”



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