Chest Pains

Chest Pains

Am having minor chest pains recently after my coughing fits. I thought the cough and flu has gone away but seems like I’m still having runny nose and some coughing fits moments.

Gone to the gym today to work on my chest day and the chest started hurting and I started panting. So I took longer breaks before continuing my next set. Since I’m alone again at home, I decided to go for a short jog after dinner and the soap drama that’s on TV.

Ran about 5 minutes and the chest pains started coming again. Had to stop. I guess this is the first time I ever stopped during a jog. I rested for a while and continued my jog, albeit in a much slower pace. I manage to complete the journey without much pain but was really sweating a lot. Not too sure if it is something wrong inside or if the weather’s too hot.

Think I should take the meds again before I sleep tonight. Some TelFast thing so it will hopefully open up the air ways.

Oh, and this morning I decided to listen to Les Brown again – “It’s possible”. He describes 2 similar men who have lost their jobs. One of them tried 25 times and gave up on it all. Started becoming toxic and the negative mind talk made me spiral down even further and eventually he took his own life. The other man continued looking for opportunity, always thinking there is a job out there with his name on it. It doesn’t matter what job it is, he will take it and eventually he found it.

Les also continued to speak about how we don’t just want a good week, month or year or even a good decade. We want a GOOD LIFE! And if you wake up thinking you are blessed and everything is going to be great and suiting to you WITH you taking appropriate action like controlling the voice in your mind, then everything is going to be ok. I have to listen to it some more to internalise it and to make sense of it.

This also reminds me of Blair Singer’s book which says the same thing about controlling your mind’s Little Voice. The one that says You are not enough, you cannot make it, everything is going to be bad.

The problem is, according to Les, we are constantly surrounded by negative news and negative programming. Flip the newspaper, turn on the news, reading websites, we are bombarded with negative items and this somehow influences our mind to think and perceive things negatively. We are always looking out why it cannot be done, or why it will result in mistakes or disaster. Therefore, it is crucial to filter all these information and put them in perspective. Good news don’t really sell very well. Sensational bad news that are full of gossip and disaster sell better.

This reminds of this Youtube video where they interview people from Tel Aviv, Israel. The people in the video say that the world expects the land to be in ruins and there are bombs everywhere but the fact of the matter is that, it isn’t. People are still staying there peacefully and its a beautiful city with modern facilities and buildings.  I guess the media sometimes really manipulates the things we see and makes us thing that the entirety of the matter is what is portrayed on the screen when in actual fact, its only a small part of the whole picture.

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