Down Time

Down Time

Took leave today to have a good rest day. Overall, the day was pretty good, I think. I manage to get a proper full day of gaming, something that I couldn’t have imagine happening just 1 week ago. Its really quite strange, or should I say, surreal. All those times watching Youtube video on PS4 or Xbox game play and suddenly, I am grabbing my very own PS4 controller and playing the game which I wanted to play the most, Doom.

Of course, the graphics were amazing, I would guess probably because I haven’t been gaming for years. I actually forgot when was the last proper game I played? Probably Xbox 360 time? Gears of War II? Those days when I invited Jack over to my place to have some multiplayer action on Gears. Guess it was almost 5 years ago then.

But I do realise that probably age is catching up? I feel tired after gaming. I remembered when I was younger, I could play Diablo 2 till the wee hours of the morning, like 4am? and go back to sleep and wake up the next day and continue the madness.

Maybe because when you are playing online with someone else, it gets more addictive and you don’t want to give up. I do fall asleep when playing D2 too, but because the other person was online so you continue to push on the continue the missions together.

Yes, I do realise that my posts here are full of spelling and grammatically errors and I don’t care. I am just typing what my heart is feeling and what my mind is thinking and this is a therapeutic tool for me to get things off my chest.

In the morning just now, I had lined up for my favourite soto store and chicken wings. But the funny thing is, I don’t feel like its the same anymore, its like the taste isn’t like wow for me anymore? Maybe because I know how to cook the dish now and I think I can do a better job? Not bragging but its true. The soup was on the salty side and was thin.

I’m feeling sleepy already, typing this. I hope I can fall asleep peacefully tonight, without roaches disturbing me in my sleep. Sleeping with the lights on, for sure. At least till the situation calms down a little. I really really like days like today. Just typing and drifting off to sleep. I did have an afternoon nap just now, but that was just to pay off the sleep debt that was happening throughout the week. I was so tired. Today taking leave was a fantastic decision.

Usually Friday evenings are meant to go watch movies, but since I am alone today, so I guess the plan has been scrapped. Well, maybe tomorrow then, since I am going to the big supermarket to top up my chicken breast and prepare it for next week. Maybe tomorrow we can find some time to watch movies. Oh, we need to meet the parents of the groom, so I guess we will play it by ear then.

I am typing with my eyes closed and half closed. Feel really tired now and sleepy and I am going to sit down for a while to lull myself to sleep.


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