Feeling a lack of control

Feeling a lack of control

The feeling of having a lack of control usually makes people anxious and panicky. Its the feeling of not knowing what will happen, or if something negative will happen to them today, or now or in the near future. It’s the feeling of dread and anxiety mixed together.

This feeling stems from feeling that you do not have control. Its true that you may not have control over external events, a call from someone you dread, a letter which you do not wish to receive, a piece of unwanted news that will cause you great grief. It’s the anxiety and the perceived feeling of the pending doom when the event happens that causes great unease to many people, me included.

But have we stopped and asked ourselves, is it that the event will cause us great harm or the constant thinking and non-stop bother that is playing on our minds that is the true wrecker of our sanity?

It is said that no one can predict how the future will turn out. And more times than not, what actually happens pale to what we thought might happen. In the meantime, we are scaring ourselves silly of all the bad things that will happen, the end of the world, the eternal darkness, when it hasn’t happen yet, or may never happen at all.

Perhaps its not so much of the event that happened and you know the results and you know how to handle it, its more like you are thinking, probably in a very negative light, of the worst possible kind of scenario and all the terrible things that might happen due to the result of the event.

What if we can change our mindset about the eventuality of the problem? Yes, we might know the consequences of a situation or a problem, but mostly, the imagined harm that it does, is just that, imagined.

We have an ultra creative mind. We can let it run free and come up with all sorts of scenarios that makes even the most scary and horror movie in the cinema pale in comparison. The mind is a powerful friend but yet, it can also be a powerful foe. If directed improperly, it eats you slowly from inside and destroy you even before any external forces have touched you.

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