Feeling Immune, a sign that hope has been forsaken

Feeling Immune, a sign that hope has been forsaken

Sometimes I feel that hope is the one thing that causes the down fall of many people. People hope and expect certain outcomes. They have taken action and they have guided events to create the outcomes they want, but yet, outcomes doesn’t always happen the way they envisioned it to be.

They use their hearts and minds to hope positively. Yet, it is the hope that crushes them through repeated disappointment and failure, sometimes of no fault of themselves.

If people do not have hope, they will be immune from all these silly expectations. If people do not have hope, they will not be saddened by the actions of others and of life. If people do not have hope, they will become happier because whatever happens, they will be indifferent.

Hence, hope is nothing but an illusion to deceive ourselves that something good will happen to us. Worse, it may even be linked to karma – do good and good will be returned to you. Actually, I would reckon that it works exactly an opposite way. If you do good, bad things will guaranteed be bestowed upon you. Why? Because as life dictates it, there must be certain bad things which must be experienced by some individuals, and you going out of your way to help them will divert the lesson. However, the pain of the lesson must still be experienced and guess who life chooses to experience it?

Hope, as our brain’s way to trick us into thinking that something good will happen to us – in some way that we can manipulate or influence certain actions – is nothing but an illusion of control. Therefore, being hopelessness is actually a positive thing. It turns into acceptance. You accept the outcome of whatever life throws at you. You don’t feel sad or angry or cheated upon. It is the way it is. You just accept and make do and move on.

Yes, it may seem to be very reactive rather than pro-active but how many instances can you count that raging against outcomes will cause the outcome to change?

Rather, you accept it, you make do the best of it and see what can be done. If there’s nothing else you can do, then just accept it the way it is. The world still moves on. In a few decades, there will be no more you anyway.

In the overall of things, we are just a tiny speck of dust in history. We make a dent with our presence, our actions and our best intentioned thoughts. But all is not rainbows and unicorns. We are confronted by unsurmountable challenges, painful bitter lessons and unfair treatment. We learn and adapt. That comes through acceptance. However, have you thought about all these challenges and lessons and unfair treatments, how many of them are brought on because of ourselves? I would think a lot of them are brought on by ourselves all because of hope. We hope to have something better, so we took a risk. We hope to have something different, so we tried something different. We hope to have something that we always dreamed of, so we take a certain course of action. And it brings us despair and failure. All because of hope.


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