Getting your mind off the constant loop

Getting your mind off the constant loop

In his book “How to stop worrying and start living”, Dale Carnegie mentions one way to get your mind off the constant loop of worrying and over-thinking about outcomes and scenarios would be to pre-occupy your mind with work and actions.

Our minds is a fascinating work of miracle. It processes information, it allows us to make decisions, it can come up with amazing solutions. The dark side of is that, with its mass amount of creativity and problem solving ability, it also starts to imagine its own problems and starts coming up with solutions for them.

This is why some people get worried and can’t stop thinking about their worry. The brain keeps working on the problem, again and again, going into a constant loop on what are the possible outcomes and what ways it can happen. It activates the “Fight or Flight” syndrome in our minds, causing us to constantly feel anxious and jittery.

How do we get off this endless, self-destructive loop of thoughts? We throw a wrench in its tracks.

Get busy on work. Make a to-do list and make a schedule and complete it. Do something productive. When you give your mind a different target to aim for, it goes at it like a super computer, churning solutions and numbers to help you solve the problem.

The thing is, your mind doesn’t know if a scenario is reality or otherwise. You might be thinking of an event that haven’t happened yet and your mind starts coming up with all sorts of event outcomes, but your mind doesn’t know it haven’t happened yet, or what is going to happen at all – given a target, it just goes at it, churning out various outcomes and even worse, sometimes its tainted with our negative thoughts, it spirals into an horrifying outcome, adding worry on top of worry.

Giving your mind a new target or work, keeps it focused and keeps it productive and busy.

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