Knowing Your Niche

Knowing Your Niche

Long ago when I was back in technical college, I had the good luck and opportunity to land myself a web site development gig at a local law firm. It was one of the bigger players in the market and since the Internet scene was just gradually getting hot at that time, the law firm didn’t have a screaming website per se. Well, we came and did up the website and made it a little more professional, albeit circa 90s.

Well, along that line, I found a website today called .. most interesting website, it allows you a launch a retro browser and browse old captured websites as they were at the older point in time. Really interesting and fascinating.

Back to my post today, knowing my niche, yes, at the launch date and there was a party and I got to meet up with the CEO of the law firm and he came and talked to us kids a bit, and told us that most important in business is to know your niche, that’s how you bring most value to the people.

I didn’t understand it then but I remembered his words. And as I get older now, I appreciate his words more – with every encounter and every success and every setback, this words literally demonstrate itself to me.

Just finished an event yesterday on our small but important community here at Arena and it was wholly successful. This got me to thinking of our niche market. We have tried other different things and other market and it usually ended up in disaster. Sometimes the clients take advantage, sometimes its mismatch and things doesn’t go well. But with this particular community, of all the engagements we have done so far, everything seems to go well and their payment is prompt.

I guess somethings are only to be learnt through experience.

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