Of Karma

Of Karma

This morning got me thinking about karma. I read in the papers that Jho Low is a very charitable person as he has donated tremendously to causes through his family charity. Whether he has used his own funds or otherwise, the fact is, we cannot refute that he has given his share.

Yet, now the new authorities are pillaging his items, the jet and the yacht. And the media jumps on it and painting him as the villain.

This all fits the narrative very well and sells a lot of eye balls but did anyone think how he has amassed his funds or the hardships he has gone through or his funds to his charities? No, because people just want a target to stone.

Throughout this whole ordeal of 6 years, I have learnt that kindness is a disease and a weakness.

I have heard that oh , this so and so helped us during this time and that time. The very definition of help is you give something and not expect anything in return. If you are given something and the other party expects twice of that something in return as lending interest, that is called business, not help.

Similarly, all these silly bank adverts that depicts friendly neighbours and that caring newspaper boy rescuing a poor elderly and the downright foolish hand holding pictures between the bank and the public – all these does not cover the fact that the bank is a business. It does not care about your welfare and you are just a statistic to them. Their interest in keeping you because you are their source of funding, their primary aim is NOT to help you.

During Uni, I was in a philosophy class. One of the topics was altruism. The lecturer claimed that there was no true altruism. Everyone does things because it benefits them in someway. For example, you help in a charity because it makes you feel better about yourself.

Yes, I paint a bleak picture. But reality is bleak by nature. This is why we strive daily to alleviate ourselves out from this existential cesspool by putting in effort to learn new things, and to do new things, so that one day we may make ourselves feel better through internal and external means and to put ourselves in a position that we may grant interest to others.

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