Of New Experiences

Of New Experiences

I got a brand new PS4 Pro recently due to the reconstruct with my ISP. Quite the funny thing. The fact was I was trying to get an Xbox S about 3 months back and was convinced (by myself of course) that I can sell the Fidelio and use the Xbox as a Blu-ray player. The problem is, I haven’t found out that the library loaned out Blu-Ray disc and I guess, it was just an excuse to get into gaming again.

The whole point of getting the gaming machine was because I wanted to play Doom. The Macbook that I have is anaemic in the graphics department (as with all Macs), and Doom will just happily load all the warnings and logos in front and get stuck at loading the main selection screen, which is just frustrating. I mean, you can hear the sound and everything but nothing is appearing on the screen. Brr Intel IRIS!

So, somehow, with a fortunate turn of the universe, I landed with a PS4 pro and immediately bought Doom online. Was unbelievable playing it. Mostly because of the hype I had it build up on myself, always on the Youtube videos and imaging myself being able to play it.

Am pretty happy now that I am able to play all the latest AAA titles, the way it was meant to be played and optimised and with a big screen and with a proper sound system. The previous times, it was always an element that was missing, either the screen was too small, or not HD or the sound position is just not optimal.

I guess if I was nick picking, then my tv, although its big, its not a 4K display, which might not make full use of the PS4 Pro abilities.

Still, I’m as happy as a button.


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