Recharging Homebase

Recharging Homebase

I guess that’s what they call home is where the heart is. It is also a place where one normally goes to recharge himself. It should be a safe, comfortable, peaceful, comforting and familiar place.

The human brain seeks familiarity and surroundings that it deems safe and comfortable and where it feels most relaxed, our old reptilian brain at least can rest for a while, and not enter a constant fight or flight mode.

When we are constantly in the fight or flight mode, even though there is no immediate danger to us physically, it puts a strain on our minds and subsequently, our entire bodies are also put int this stress mode.

At that moment in time, we always go back to where we are familiar with, and where we will feel safe and can be ourselves. That includes being in your comfort of your own home, your own bed, with your familiar pillows and stuffed toys and perhaps eating your favourite comfort food to calm you down and to trick your brain into taking you back into happier, more peaceful times.

I guess this is why I feel, even the best toilets in some of the more expensive hotels that I have been to, I still prefer the toilet at home. Crude but accurate, I am sure for you too.


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