Tone it’s said, more than what is said

Tone it’s said, more than what is said

Sometimes it is not only what is said that is important, more importantly, it is the way things are being said.

I, for one, do not appreciate an authoritative tone used on me. It pisses me off. It is not my fault. And I am even helping. Therefore, I do not appreciate that kind of tone on me. In fact, I will just usually drop everything and walk. I don’t have to take this.

Actually, if it is wasn’t part of my responsibility, I would have just dropped it on the spot and walk. I don’t actually care.

If you are stressed, that’s your own problem. Please do not project your own frustrations and stresses on others. Others are dealing with their own shit too and they certainly don’t need no more shit from anyone who thinks that they need to let others feel that they are pissed off.


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