Power of focus

It's pretty strange because when you want to find something, your mind suddenly picks up all things that are related to the thing you want to find. I wanted to start a podcast and suddenly I found this Podcast which sponsors have a course on how to start a podcast.

About Apple Products

As my old (very old) white Apple wired keyboard started having a mind of its own yesterday, I replaced it with the latest and greatest from Apple, the Space Grey Wireless Magic Keyboard. How aptly named! I plugged it in and it immediately recognized it and paired with my 4

Company of One

Found a recommendation from my Twitter feed while exploring a simple, non-free social bookmarking site, Pinboard and it pique my interest! First, Pinboard. Contrary to common web applications nowadays, it relies on a fair charging model and surprisingly people do pay for it. In fact, it bought Delicious for only

Book Notes Wiki

Finally got a little time to do what I always wanted to do. Setup a space for me to store my thoughts on book chapters and notes so I don't forget the things I have read.Bought a domain bookmentary.com some time back and haven't done anything to it