Hi There !

Welcome to my website at Alvinloh.com

Here, you can find supplements to my Youtube videos, services that I can offer, or perhaps if you have a question or need help with something, you can ask me too.

Who's Alvin?

I'm a certified DevOps full stack web developer who has experience in working with the latest cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure and with it, web technologies like NodeJS/Express and ASP.NET MVC with .NET Core. I have also programmed and deployed enterprise mobile applications on platforms such as Xamarin and Flutter.

In my career, I have developed and managed larger scale software developments through its entire SDLC cycle from requirement gathering to deployment and subsequently handle change management for the users in a multi-region setting.

I believe in learning and keeping myself updated in this fast moving tech world and also have a passion in teaching others who have an interest in coding through my Youtube channel and tutoring services.

As the saying goes, to teach is to learn twice!

How can I help you today?

My expertise and experience is in developing solutions that work for people

Full Scale and Performant Web Application Development with NodeJS / Python / ASP.NET MVC

Custom web dev on Cloud or moving your existing apps and environment to the cloud

Development of mobile applications that can enhance your brand and business
Short and focused customized courses to cater to your interest and bridge knowledge gaps
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